What can I export when migration away from Lime Go?

When migrating away from Lime Go, you will need to contact us to get your data exported.

Your will then get an xml file with the following:

  • Settings
    All of your deal and calling list statuses, tags, custom fields.
  • Coworkers
    All of the coworkers you have added to Lime Go.
  • Deals
    All of the deals that you have added to Lime Go.
  • History
    All of the notes and history that you have written in Lime Go.
  • Meetings and reminders
    All future events that you have added to Lime Go.
  • Campaigns
    The result from calling lists and e-mail campaigns. Not the list itself.
  • Documents
    References to all of the documents that you have uploaded to Lime Go. The documents themselves will be in a separate zip.
  • Organizations*
    All of the organizations that you have added or processed from the Lime Go data source.
  • Persons*
    All contact persons you have added or processed from the Lime Go data source.
* When it comes to organizations and persons, you will get all of the data that you and your colleagues have entered. e.g if you've added a phone number to a person you will get that in the exported file.

However when it comes to records that you haven't edited, only used the data available in Lime Go, you will only get name and registration number along with the Bisnode ID of the organization or person so you have a way to populate the missing data.
Addresses, phone numbers and e-mails are only available in Lime Go itself.
You can read more about the included data here.
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