How do I lock a field or card for a user group?

The users are included in groups that are included in a policy. If you want to put a permissions on a field, it's a policy you need to use.

To do this, you first need to create a policy in LISA (Lime Administration interface)

  • Log in to LISA
  • Click Databases
  • Click on your database
  • Click Security> Policies
  • Click New, rename your Policy to something logical and enter the display name for the languages ​​you use by Lime CRM.
  • The field name should contain the system manager of the policy. We suggest using a descriptive name in the format tbl_tabell_name (tbl = shortening of the table) and fld_tbellname_field_name (fld is the abbreviation of the field).
  • You can specify translations by name, but this is only used when a policy is called Filters, views, templates and reports as it is only in this case that they are seen in the Lime CRM client.
  • Enter by ticking the policy to allow for each group
     R = Read - gives read privileges to a table or field. Without this, a user can not see the field or card.
     W = Write - allows change of existing data in card / field
     A = Add - Gives rights to add data to a card
     D = Delete - allows to delete data in a card.
  • Click Save


Now you can link your policy to a field or card.

  • Click Designer to your left in LISA and choose your table.
  • Click the field or a card to get a green frame
  • Click Properties in the tab to the right
  • A bit down there is "Security Policy"
  • Click down the drop-down list and select the policy you just created.
  • Save and close.
  • Restart Lime CRM to test


Policies can be tricky, if you want help creating a policy, one of our consultants can help out. Contact us for price / time estimation or +46-46-270 48 00.

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