How do I change the logo in Lime CRM?

To complete the change of logo, you need to be administrator in Lime CRM

  • The image must be in PNG format with file extension .png
  • Recommended width in pixels: 250 px

To change the log in the action Path:

  1. Go to the path: %localappdata%\Lundalogik\Lime\Databases or %appdata%\Lundalogik\Lime\Databases if you use Lime CRM v10.18 or older
  2. Click on the database folder of that database
  3. Click the Actionpad folder and then click on the folder Resources
  4. Find the file index. Rename it and then add your new logo file and rename it to index
  5. Log in as Administrator in Lime CRM and choose to publish the image to everyone. Do this via Tools-> Options-> Action Pads-> Press the Publish Action Pads button.
  6. Your colleagues need to restart Lime CRM see the new logo
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