Guide- match/merge companies after migration to Lime Go

Meaning match/merge companies:

When the migration of companies and people to Lime Go is complete, it is time to look for any unsuccessful matches, so-called "Failedtomach" items / tags.

For example, if a company at the time of the migration was missing or had incorrect information e.g. organization number, company name or addresses, there is a risk that the "Failedtomach" tags emerged. In Lime Go, it is super easy to match these manually with the correct companie from the Bisnodes business register (where Lime Go retrieves its information).

Step by Step

1. In the left column, select Find Clients --> Companies --> Show Filters


2. Then press Tag - Company and click in Failedtomatch. Tip: For large numbers, also choose Responsible coworker to split the list. You will now get a list of all companies that need an action. Double-click on the top company.
3. We see that the company has the tag Failedtomatch. On the company card, click on the three dots in the upper right and then select Match to source data.
4. Press Select a company and search for the company you want to match with. What happens is that the companies combines and for example all History notes will be merged with the real company. Use the keyboard arrows to move on to the next company in the list.
TIP: Sometimes there are several options when looking for companies to match, e.g. Volvo Cars (picture below). Then look up the Company in the main search list and check the details so that the match will be to the correct Company card. The picture below shows that it is Volvo Cars in Gothenburg, within the right industry. Now we are certain and can go back and match source data against the correct company.
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