How Do I Find A Competition?

When you log on to the Engage platform, you start up on your dashboard. From here you have an overview of your competitions.

  • Current competitions
  • Upcoming competitions
  • Ended competitions
  • Favorite competitions
  • Competition drafts (Power User only)

You can search for a competition using the search bar at just under the 'Competitions' header.

If you still can't find your competition, reach out to the competition administrator and ask for an invitation link.

Favorite Competitions:

You can favorite an ongoing competition for future access by clicking the star icon on the cover photo (blue arrow). The competition will then be saved under your "Favorite Competitions" under your profile picture. 

For Power Users Only: If you want to favorite an ended competition you click the action button next to it (pink arrow). 


If you are a Power User, you might have a competition(s) you want to continue editing. They are located under your drafts.

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