How Do I Create Competitions In Engage? (Power Users Only)

Getting started

So lets get started!

From your dashboard, start by clicking Create Competition in the upper right corner.

Setting the frame work in three easy steps

Individual Excellence or Team Performance? Cash or activities? Points, values or goals? All this is decided in three easy steps.


Step one

In the first step you decide if the competition should be focusing on individual- or team accomplishments.

What you decide on affects the way the leaderboard is presented but also the dynamics of the competition. Do you want a competition where everybody competes against everybody or would you rather focus on the team effort?
In a team competition the individual performance is not necessarily as visible, the focus is on the team and it's accomplishments.

Step two

What would you like to measure?

In step two you decide on what to measure. Do you want to measure activities or pure cash?

The most common type of competition in Lime Engage is activity based competitions. By focusing on the right activities you can create competitions where everyone has a chance to win. Also, by driving the right activities you will increase sales for sure in the long run.

Step three

What kind of competition would you like to run?

In the third and final step you decide if you want to compete with points (or cash amount if you chose cash in the previous step) or towards set goals.

In a point based competition every activity is assigned a score value. The more that activity is registered, the more points the user receives. Harder activities should have a higher score value, to reflect the difficulty of the task but also to motivate the competitors to focus on that activity. To make the competition fair it's important to balance the activity scores in a way that everybody feels that it's accomplishable.

In a goal competition you decide and set goals for each individual/team. This way, the participants get a clear view of what is expected of them. They will also be able to see their progress in real time. With a goal competition you can balance the individual/team goals to get a fair competition, even if you have senior staff mixed with junior staff, account managers vs key account managers or if you want to make a competition where sales compete against tech support. Imagine a competition where sales is supposed to book and attend meetings, and support is supposed to ask for customer feedback and solve back logged cases. With a goal competition you can do exactly that!


If you want to bounce ideas, learn what works and what's maybe better to avoid, reach out to your contact at Lime!

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