Create A Team Based Goal Competition

After you've clicked Create Competition choose the following steps when setting the framework for the competition (if you want to learn how to set the framework click here):

  1. Team Performance
  2. Choose activities or Cash
  3. Compete on goal

You can always save your work and return to it later.

Once you've setup the basic competition details, it's time to add your activities and your goals.

Simply add the activity name as you normally would, but notice there is a field for "Default Goal" which you must enter. This means each team in the competition will inherit this default goal. 

Every team that you add to this competition will by default have this goal applied to them. 

Note that you can set unique goals for each team (we'll go through this at the next stage), but you must set a default goal.


Now you'll create the teams. Pick a name, choose a team picture and as you create each team, you can also edit the default goal you set in the previous stage. Once you've created the teams, you'll see a summary of what you've created, in addition to the goals. 


Once you have your teams in order it's time to add participant. Choose participants and add them to the desired team. If there are many participants or you want to skip this step for now, you can always send an invitation link to the participants and they can join their teams. 

Note, if you invite users who do not have an existing Sparta Account, they can create a new account by clicking the invitation link. This is how you send an invitation link.


On the details page you set the date and time for the competition. The duration should be decided depending on what you want to achieve with your competition. Reach out to your Customer Success manager if you have any questions.
You can pick a Cover Photo and also write a description of the competition, where you can explain what you want to achieve, competition rules etc.


Prizes are great! You can add as many as you want, but this step is optional. Sometimes the bragging rights is enough, but in general group activities are quite popular.

Summary & Publish

Now it's time to review your competition before you launch/schedule. You have an overview of all the steps and if you want to return and finalize the competition at a later time just press Save & Exit and the competition will be saved under your drafts.

If it all looks good, just press the button under the rocket and you are off!

You can always edit an ongoing or scheduled competition, click here to find out how!

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