How Do I Access Lime Engage?

Regular Users

You can gain access to an Engage Competition by:

  • Getting an invitation link from a power user in your organization. When joining a competition with an invitation link you can either log in to an existing account or create a new account via the "Sign Up" button on the login page.
  • Having a power user create your user account and adding you to the competition. In this case the power user within your organization should provide you with your login credentials.
  • If you are already part of an organization, when a power user creates a competition and adds you to it the competition will automatically show up in your dashboard.

Power Users

A consultant at Lime Technologies should provide you with your account credentials.

As a power user, you can view and manage all competitions in your organization. You can gain access to all competitions in your organization from the dashboard. 

Want to become a Power User?

A power user in your organization can make you a power user. Contact your Lime Administration User.


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