Adding And Removing Participants From A Competition

If you are struggling to add or remove people from a competition - it's extremely easy and you can do it yourself in just minutes. 

Adding New Users To A Competition

When adding users to a competition you have 2 choices. 

Sending Out Invite Links:

From the dashboard, find the competition, simply click the action buttons and then choose the 'Invitation link' option. Copy the link, and send it to the person(s) you would like to invite. They will then be able to join the competition directly if they already have an account, otherwise they can Sign Up and then join the competition. 


Add Users Via The 'Participants' Tab:

From the edit page, simply navigate to the Participants tab, where you'll easily be able to add users to your competition. Just choose the participant(s) in the left column and click "Add participant".

If you want to add a user who doesn't have an account, you can easily create an account by clicking "Create New User" and then adding them to the competition. Deepin_sk_rmdump_select-area_20200903093228.png

Removing Users From A Competition

Navigate to the Participants tab in the edit page and choose the participant(s) you wish to remove from the right column and click "Remove"


Using Tags To Add Users To A Competition

If you have added tags to users you can use tags to easily add all users with a specific tag (or combination of tags) to a competition. You can search for users by tag in the 'Search Users...' field. Once a tag has been selected in the 'Search Users...' field you can select all users by selecting the checkbox next to the search users field. Then you can add all the selected users to the competition.Deepin_sk_rmdump_select-area_20200903094319.pngDeepin_sk_rmdump_select-area_20200903094404.png

In the above example only three users have the 'Sales Team' tag assigned to them.


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