Create An Individual Goal Based Competition

After you've clicked Create Competition and selected that you'd like to compete as Individuals, and once you've selected whether you'd like measure Activities or Cash - it's now time to choose whether you'd like to work towards a goal or not. 

Once you've setup the basic competition details, it's now time to add your activities and your goals.

Simply add the activity name as you normally would, but notice there is a field for "Default Goal" which you must enter. This means anyone who joins the competition will inherit this default goal. 

Note that you can set unique goals for each person (we'll go through this at the next stage), but you must set a default goal. In this example below, we are saying that each user must reach a goal of 10 Booked Meetings. Anyone that joins this competition will by default have this goal applied to them. 

Now, you will add your colleagues to the competition. Simply check the boxes of the people you wish to add. You'll then be able to edit the Default Goal for those people. You can of course not change it - but this is how you will edit the goal for those who should have different goals. 

Pro Tip: If a number of people have the a different goal which is identical, simply check the boxes of all those people at the same time to "bulk edit" their goals, and add them to the competition. 

Once you've added everyone you wish to add to the competition, you can also edit their goal by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of their name. 

Otherwise, you can proceed to continue building your competition! 

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