How Do I Log An Activity?



Logging An Activity:

From your dashboard click on an ongoing competition you are a part of.

From the competition page click on the "Log Activity" button (See Upper Right in Above Image).

You will be presented with a dialog where you can choose which activities you want to log.

Note: In this dialog you may not see all activities that are included in the competition. Some activities can only be logged in Lime CRM. Navigate to the Competition About page to view which activities you can log and why

Power Users: You will be shown a list of users you can log for when you click the "Log Activity" button. Select a user and you will be shown an dialog so that you can log an activity for the user you selected)

For Cash Competitions: When you select an activity in the dialog you will be shown a text field and drop-down where you can select a currency and enter the amount of cash you want to log for the activity.

Once you have selected you activities click log. If the competition requires any custom fields the dialog will change to ask you to enter information for the custom fields. 

After logging and/or entering the custom fields, the activity will be logged and you can post to the feed about your activity. Let everyone know the amazing work your doing!

Quick Log

If you competition tracks points and it has no custom fields, you can log an activity very quickly by hovering over the activity in the activity list on the Competition Feed page and selecting the + (plus) icon that appears (See Bottom Right in Above Image).

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