Which keyboard shortcuts are available in Lime CRM?

There are quite a few smart shortcuts you can use in your Lime - see a few examples below. To see the complete list of shortcuts, click on the attached document in this article.


F1 - Opens the Lime help/guide

CTRL  - Save a card or post in a list (From Lime CRM 10.8 onwards)

ALT + P  - Save a card or post in a list (Lime CRM 10.7 and earlier)

CTRL ENTER - Save and close a card or post when editing

ESC - Close card / Exit list editing / Clear search field in main list

TAB - Jump to the next field (on cards and lists)

CTRL I - Show info for a post (selected post in list)

CTRL - Open report center

CTRL - Select all rows in lists or contents in a field

CTRL - Press and hold Ctrl while starting your Lime CRM to always show the login screen regardless of previous setting

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