How can people subscribe to several Publications at once?

Multi opt-in forms

Create multi opt-in forms to allow people to subscribe to several Publications at the same time. 

Multi opt-in forms help to drive new subscribers to existing Publications so you can reach a bigger audience with relevant content.

Multi opt-in forms are found under “Archive”.


If you want visitors to your website to get an overview of all your communications and the opportunity to subscribe to several different Publications at once, create a multi-subscription form. Here's how: 

1. Click on “Create new multi-subscription form”.

2. Give the form a name.

3. Add at least one Publication (Note: if you want to link to a recipient page, select the desired page).

4. Edit the registration page. (Note: you can only see your selected Publications when you click preview or the submission page URL).

5. Make other adjustments depending on how you want the flow.

If you want to link to this page from a Publication, you’ll now find the link in the link dialogue box.
If you want to use the link on a website, it’ll appear under the settings on the multi-subscription page.

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