How do I create a label template?

1. Click the tab you want to create the template for, usually Persons.
2. Click the Report Center button  rapportikon.PNG in the toolbar. You can also access the Report Center by right-clicking in the list.
3. Click Add and select Labellabel_eng.PNG

Note1! If you cannot see the button Add, you do not have the permissions. Please contact your administrator.
Note2! If you cannot see Label, you need to load the add-in for labels. Select Tools> Add-in Manager menu and select Reports, Labels and check that Load behavior is Loaded and Load on Startup.

4. Under the General tab, name the label.
5. Under the Template tab, add the fields that you want to display. Don't forget to add a new line where you want one.
6. To change the font, mark the field and click font.... Click OK when you are done.
7. If you want to change something in the contents of the label after it is created, click Properties.
8. Now click Print and then Add to create a label format
9. Name your label format
10. It's a bit of a hassle the first time you create a page layout for a template. Often the dimensions are printed on the label package. Start by specifying that. Look at the results in preview.
11. Make sure that a printer is selected in the Printers > Name field if you did not do so when you created the template.
12. It is recommended to first print your template on a regular sheet of paper. You can then compare the paper printout against a blank label sheet and make sure that all the text ends up in the correct places.
13. There may also be printer settings on your computer that affect the print from Lime; please check those as well.

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