Manage received submission

There are several useful alternatives when it comes to managing received submission through forms. Read more about them below.

Export all

You can download all received submissions that have been stored in the database by clicking the “Export All” button located at the page for Received submissions. This will save all submissions to a CSV file. With this file you can compile data from the form and see statistics linked to the answers.

For each individual submission that is stored in the database, there is a public link that can be shared to end users.

Show BankID receipt

If BankID has been activated for the form, a link to the BankID receipt will be displayed below details for received submissions.

See Managing BankID Signatures and Receipts for more information on Submissions to forms with BankID activated.

Show submission as JSON

If you want to display the submission as a JSON file, it is possible to do so. This can be a good option to get all fields and the complete submission forwarded to other systems.

Save a single submission as JSON

To save a single submission as a JSON file, simply press the Save submission button located below the JSON data presented in the Details for submission.

Remove submission

You can delete individual submissions by clicking the red Remove Submission button located at the bottom right of the page, shown in example above.

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