What is a Condition?

For some field types you can add Conditions. A Condition can be a rule saying that if you choose one alternative in a form, you should be presented with a specific question accordingly.

Show or hide fields depending on choices made in form

If you want a field to be shown or hidden depending on choices made previously in the form you must use “Conditions”.

To edit Conditions you navigate to the forms Steps tab and click the Edit conditions button next to the Edit fields button. Next simply click Add condition to do so and start to edit your condition.

Add Condition

Example: User is presented with a Radio button field with two choices; Private Customer and Company Customer.

If the user select ‘Private Customer’, a previously hidden field for Personal Number will become visible. If the user were to choose ‘Company Customer’ instead, another condition showing a hidden field for Company Number will become visible.

Field types that you can put conditions on are:

Note! It is also possible to add Conditions to File upload fields if you put a Section break before the File upload field.

Type of conditions

When you have selected which field you want to add a condition to you can choose between these conditions:

  • Is equal to
  • Is not equal to
  • Is greater than
  • Is greater than or equal
  • Is less than
  • Is less than or equal to
  • Includes
  • Not includes
If field <chosen_field> Choose Condition for either an Entered value or A field value, and lastly choose your Action before saving the Condition.

Condition Actions

Choose an Action for your Condition.

The Actions tab will present you with the following actions that can be triggered if the conditions are true:

  • Disable field – The field is still visible in the form but locked so that you cannot write in or change the field
  • Enable field – Activates a field that is set to Disabled, so that a user can write in it
  • Hide/Exclude field – Hides the field completely for the user
  • Show/Include field – Shows a field that is set to hidden/excluded
  • Set next step to – Changes the order for which step to come next

Can I get values from previous fields with conditions?

Yes, you can do this by adding a web component to the form. Read more about the Condition web component here.

Can I compare the values from two different fields?

Yes, you can do this by adding the web component Compare. Read more about the Compare web component here.

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