What is a web component?

Much logic in forms can be managed through Conditions, but sometimes more advanced logic requires custom solutions. This is where our web components come in handy.

A web component can be described as an add-on to extend functionality in your forms. There are several web components available, described below. Lime is grateful for their customers opinions, which have helped us shape and come up with these web components.

Thank you, dear customers, for the web components you have inspired us to develop!

How do you insert a web component into your form?

By creating a new field of the type Custom HTML and open the settings for the field and then click on </>Source and there paste the code snippet you received from Lime, you import the web component into the form.

In need of even more dynamic forms?

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further needs for custom web components to make your forms even more dynamic. Our skilled developers will help you come up with a suitable solution to get the most out of your forms.

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