Article written 2020-11-06 for Lime Forms version 2.0

In Lime Forms version 2.0 you can build your user-friendly forms in what we call Steps. Often with user information at the first step (name, email etc.) followed by a step where the user make its selections (products, services etc.). Lastly Lime Forms have a confirmation step per default, containing a summary of chosen fields.


Add new step

To add a new step, navigate to the Steps tab in the top left corner and then click the Add Step button.

Step settings

Name for your steps is required, but step names are not visible in the form for the users. For each step you have the option (not required) to write a Heading and a Description that will be visible in the header of the form.

Step settings

Change step order

Click the Change step order button to open the modal and drag and drop the steps in any order you like. Then click the Save button.

Change step order

Set the next step in order

To set The next step in order click the Next step selection when located on the step you want to change from.

Set next step

Confirmation/Thank you step

Require a confirmation before being able to submit the form

Go to the Settings tab and open the Confirmation/Thank you tab. Tick the box Require a confirmation before being able to submit the form and Enter confirmation text (1500 characters) before clicking the yellow Save button to save the form.

Skip the Confirmation step

You can choose to Skip the Confirmation step from the Settings tab for the form.

Skip the confirmation step

Redirect the user to a different URL when the form has been submitted

Enter redirect URL in the required field, to send the user to a different site when the form is sent in.


Provide the form submission data via the URL (as query string parameters)

Select this option to Provide the form submission data via the URL (as query string parameters).


Note that some browsers allow max 2048 characters in a URL, which means that a form contaning many steps and fields may exceed this number.

Success message

Activate the Success message by clicking the box and Enter a success message then click the yellow Save button to save the form.

Edit Confirmation/Thank you text

Navigate to the Steps tab and then click the Confirmation step button. Write your Confirmation/Thank you text and click the yellow Save button to save you changes.


If the Confirmation step is set to disabled when you want to edit its content, you will be alerted.

Press the link in the yellow alert message Click here to enable to enable the Confirmation step again directly from the Steps tab, as shown in the picture below.

Click the link to enable the confirmation step again if you have disabled it from the Settings earlier.

It is possible to write simpler HTML with the smart WYSIWYG editor for the confirmation/thank you text.

Confirmation step with heading and a link added with WYSIWYG editor.

Remove step

To remove a step click the red Remove this step button.

Choose Yes to permanently remove the step, or press Cancel if you changed your mind.

Are you sure? This action cannot be undone


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