How do I remove unwanted visible scrollbars in the form?

In some browsers, a scrollbar pops up in unwanted places. To get these removed, there is a simple fix:

Add a new Custom HTML field somewhere in the form, with the following content in </> Source mode.

<style type="text/css">#confirmation .panel {
overflow: auto !important;

If you are editing a Custom HTML field in </> Source-mode and hit the Save button without leaving </> Source-mode (by clicking the button again), these changes will not be saved!

Try to always remember to click the </> Source button when leaving this mode, before saving the field. Otherwise the risk is that the changes will be lost.


If you want to see more of the source-code when editing you can drag the corner of the box to increase the height of it.

There is also an easy way to implement predefined Alerts to your forms available from Bootstrap that you could put in the Custom HTML field.

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