How Do I Use Tags To Manage Users?

What Are Tags?

Tags are pieces of information you assign to a set of users in order to categorize them. By using tags, managing users within your organization and within your competitions becomes much easier.

How To Create Tags

Tags can be created via the Organization Tags page. You can reach the Organization Tags page by clicking on your profile in the upper right corner and selecting 'Manage Organization' from the drop-down and then clicking on the 'Tags' item in the sidebar menu to go to the Organization Tags pageDeepin_sk_rmdump_select-area_20200902154447.png


Once on the Organization Tags page, click on the 'Create' button to create a new tag. Fill out the 'Create Tag' dialog with information about your tag and then click 'Create' to create your tag.Deepin_sk_rmdump_select-area_20200903084600.png

How Do I Assign Tags To Users?

You can assign tags to users via the Organization Users page. You can reach the Organization Users page by clicking on your profile in the upper right corner and selecting 'Manage Organization' from the drop-down.Deepin_sk_rmdump_select-area_20200902154447.png

On the Organization Users page, you can assign tags by clicking on the edit icon in a users row, and then selecting the tags you want to assign the user in the 'Tags' drop-down in the Edit User dialog.Deepin_sk_rmdump_select-area_20200902154956.pngDeepin_sk_rmdump_select-area_20200903085124.png

Once you have assigned a tag to a user you will see the tag show up under their name in the users row.Deepin_sk_rmdump_select-area_20200903085336.png

For Removing A Tag From A User: Removing a tag from a user follow the same steps as adding a tag but you should click on the 'X' on the tag in the Edit User dialog to remove it.Deepin_sk_rmdump_select-area_20200903090356.png

How Do I Assign Tags To Many Users?

To assign tags to many users at once, first select all the users you want to assign tags to be clicking on the checkbox in the users row. Then after you have selected all of the users you want to assign a tag to, click on the 'Bulk Actions' and select the 'Add Tags' option.Deepin_sk_rmdump_select-area_20200902160135.pngDeepin_sk_rmdump_select-area_20200902160146.pngDeepin_sk_rmdump_select-area_20200903085843.png

Then you will see an 'Add Tags' dialog where you can select the tags to add to all selected users. Then click 'Update X Users' to assign the tag to all selected users.Deepin_sk_rmdump_select-area_20200903085923.png

For Removing Tags From Users: Removing tags from many users follows the same steps as adding tags to users except you must select 'Remove Tags' from the 'Bulk Actions' drop-down.

What Can I Use Tags For?

Tags can be used to filter users so its easier to select a subset of users when activating/deactivating users, and adding/removing users from a competition.

Using Tags For Activating/Deactivating Users: On the Organization Users page you can search for users using a tag by searching or selecting a tag in the 'Search Users...' search field. By selecting a tag in the search field, only users with that tag will be shown in the table making it easy to select all users with that tag so you can bulk activate/deactivate users. Deepin_sk_rmdump_select-area_20200903091658.pngDeepin_sk_rmdump_select-area_20200903091729.png

For more information on activating/deactivating users, see How To Manage Users In Lime Engage.

Using Tags For Adding Users To Competitions: You can easily add all users with a tag or multiple tags to competition. To see how to do this check out Adding And Removing Participants From A Competition

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