How does the Fortnox integration work?

Getting started

To set up the integration between Lime Go and Fortnox, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to Fortnox and go to "Administer users".

  2. Scroll down to integration section, and press "Add integration".

  3. Search for "Lime Go" and grant the integration access to your Fortnox account.

  4. Copy the API-key and paste it in Lime Go under Settings > Integrations > Erp Integrations.

  5. That's it! New customers and won deals will automatically be sent to Fortnox, ready for invoicing.

How does it work?

The integration between Lime Go and Fortnox is a one way integration, and is based on two sales events.

  1. When a company becomes a customer in Lime Go, the customer is added to Fortnox automatically.
  2. When a deal is won in Lime Go you can choose if you want to create an invoice or an order and automatically link it to the company in Fortnox. 

The responsible coworker on the deal will be set as "Our reference" and the contact person on the deal will be set as "Your reference" on the invoice in Fortnox.

What information is transfered?

Company Registration number. This is the key field between Lime Go and Fortnox. If you change this, you might get duplicates if the company is transferred a second time.

Company Name. The name of the company in Lime Go is copied.

Company Email. The e-mail of the company is copied. If you want to send an e-mail invoice, you might want to change this to the invoicing e-mail or edit that in Fortnox.

Company Phone number. The phone number of the company in Lime Go is copied.

Company Postal address. The postal address in Lime Go will become the invoicing address in Fortnox.

Company Visiting address. The visiting address in Lime Go will become the delivery address in Fortnox.

Deal name. The deal name will be added as the main article in the invoice.

Deal value. The deal value is added to the invoice pre tax.

Deal custom fields. Any custom fields available on the deal will be copied to the invoice specifications. You can use this for specifying extra information about the invoice. E.g discounts.

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