Can a recipient get an overview of our stored data and their subscriptions in accordance with the GDPR?

Yes, on the recipient page. This is a page visible to recipients, on which you can show them what information you have on them. Recipients can export this information, and they can also opt in to and out of Publications. The page also shows the name and contact details of your GDPR manager so recipients can contact them they want exercise their right to be forgotten, for example.

You can have several recipient pages. You can have one in Swedish and another in English, for example. You create and edit recipient pages under “File”. You don’t have to edit the recipient page if you don’t want to. The default page is good enough for most people.

You can specify which recipient page to link to from each Publication in the settings of that Publication. You might want to do this if you have Publications in different languages, for example.

Each recipient page has its own link that you can either send out or include in an email.

You can specify which recipient properties will and won’t be displayed on recipient pages under “Administration” and then “Email recipient properties”.

Recipients access recipient pages via email verification.

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