The filter in a relation tab doesn't show any result, how do I solve this?

1. Make sure you haven't selected the filter "Quick Search"

2. Check if other filters work

The symptoms of the problem may include:

  • The selection does not show any content or
  • If you click F5, you may receive an error message


If the problem remains, it can be fixed by clearing a registry value. To clear the registry:

  • Close down Lime CRM
  • Start regedit.exe (normally found among your programs in the Windows button)


  • Drop down and look up Software, choose Lundalogik (we were previously called that:))
  • Right-click on Lime and rename the folder (for example Lime_Old)
  • Try starting Lime CRM again

NOTE! When you log in again after reset, you need to re-enter your login information. Resetting the registry removes all personal user settings, so you will have to organize your tab visibility preferences again according to your liking.

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