Handling step templates and duplication of steps

Article written 2020-11-05 for Lime Forms version 2.1

In Lime Forms 2.1 you can save steps as templates and load them in other forms. It is also possible to duplicate a step in the same form.


Make it possible to add a copy of this step in other forms

If you want to save a step as a template you have to first tick the box "Make it possible to add a copy of this step in other forms" to the left shown in the image above, and then save the form for the changes to take effect.

Duplicate this step

Duplicating a step doesn't require to save the form first. Just press the "Duplicate this step" button to make a copy of the step in to the same form.

Copy a step from a form in to another form

To copy a step from another form in to a new form, you navigate to the Steps tab and press the arrow to the right on the button "Add new step".


A modal window will appear containing a list with previously saved steps to select from. Press the "Save" button to load the step template in to the form.


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