What happens when I rename or delete a deal status?

You can administer your deal statuses under Settings > Deals > Sales process. There you can reorder, rename and delete old deal statuses.

Reordering a status

You can use this feature to reorganize your sales process or add a new step in the middle. Use your mouse to drag and drop a status where you want it. The new status will then appear and can be selected on all the deals in Lime Go.

Deleting a status

When deleting a deals status, it will no longer be selectable on the deal card. Old deals with this status, will get a warning on them saying that they have a status that is deleted. You will however still be able to use the filters in the deals overview to find all the deals with the deleted status.  

Renaming a status

When renaming a status, all the deals in Lime Go with that status will be renamed.

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