Can I get more comprehensive statistics?

Yes, you can generate statistics about the performance of your emails over time.

As the administrator of Newsletter, you can now see how your emails have performed over time and compare the performance of different Publications. You can even export this information.

To produce and export statistics, follow the steps below:

1. Start by going to “File” in the left-hand menu and select “Sent emails”. See the picture below:


2. You’ll then come to the view shown below. That is, a list of all the emails you’ve sent, regardless of which Publication they were sent through.


3. You can sort the emails as shown in the picture below, or search for certain emails using the white search box.

4. Finally, click on “Export” and select one of the options below. When you click on an option, the statistics will be exported to Excel, where you can continue working with them.


Accumulated means that statistics on an email that has been sent several times are added together as if they came from a single email and show up on a single line in the report. If you have an email that was sent to 10 people twice, 20 recipients will be shown on that line.

Separated means that all emails are shown on a separate line. By choosing this option, you can see a few more figures, such as DeliveredPercentage (Sent to/ Delivered to), ClickPercentage (Unique clicks / Delivered to), OpenPercentage (Opened by / Delivered to).

Link Statistics is a report where all the links in all emails are in a row.

In Excel, you can filter mailings by different time periods if you want to analyze and compare

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