Can I send an invitation directly from my event’s registration page?

Send an email invitation directly from your event's settings page. Once you’ve created the registration page for your event and it’s time to send an invitation, you now do it directly from the event’s settings page. 

  • If you’re not already there, go to the Settings Page for your event. 
  • You’ll find a button and the option to “Create an invitation email for your event”. It’s marked in orange in the picture below:

  • When you click here, you’ll come to the view shown in the picture below. Here, you fill in the settings for your email and choose the email template you want to use as a starting point.
    It’s just like the settings page for other emails that you create as part of any of your Publications. You can of course change or add information later.
  • When you click on “Create invitation email”, you’ll come to the email editor and can enter your content as normal. Then, add your recipients and send out the invitation with a link to the registration.
    NOTE: The link to the registration page is not added automatically. You must enter the link as you would any other link by selecting “Event” in the link dialogue, and then looking up and selecting your event.

  • If you don’t finish the invitation email right away, you can of course return to it later. You’ll now find the email under the Publication to which the event is linked, under “Invitations”.


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