How can an event attendee cancel their registration?


Include a cancellation link in the event's confirmation email to allow participants cancel their registration. Below, we describe how to proceed.


  1. Navigate to "Send confirmation email to participant who registers for the event" linked to your event. You can find this on the event's settings page. Once in the editor for the email, highlight the desired text you want to link, or if you want to insert the link on a button. Click on the link icon, see the image below.

  2. Then click on the tab "Special link" and select: "Cancel event registration" to add the link.

  3. Once the confirmation email has reached the participant's inbox, the recipient can click on the cancellation link if they are unable to attend.

  4. A confirmation page appears for the person, indicating that the cancellation has been completed. Here, the recipient can also undo and re-register. (This page is a system page that cannot be customized).
  5. As an administrator of the event, you can now see different statuses for those who have registered. For this reason, you can also see if someone has canceled and when this happened. If someone cancels, there will be an opportunity for someone on the waiting list to take their place, but you will need to manually make this change at present.

  6. If someone contacts you by phone to cancel, the administrator can change the status directly in Lime Marketing by clicking on the small pencil icon to the right. Please note that this change is not automatically synced to Lime CRM.
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