Can I register those who attends to my event

Yes, you can always edit each registered person inside the event in Lime Marketing, by clicking on the small pen next to the person and change to "Participated".



You can also use the "QR Event Ticket".

Go to email confirmation for those who signed up.


Drag and drop the block for QR Event Ticket into the email content


When the participant arrives at the event, he or she can present his / her e-mail confirmation.

Then you stand at the venue, hold the camera against the QR code so that the link is activated in the mobile, then follow the link. The first time, you will be prompted to log in to your Lime Marketing.


Then all registration information is displayed. Then you can choose to Register the ticket. Please note that each ticket can only be registered once.


Everyone who participated is shown with a star in the registration list in Lime Marketing


If you have a Marketing activity in Lime CRM linked to the event, the Participant Status will be updated there as well.

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 15.22.52.png


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