Why does my email design look different in other email clients?

When you are in Newsletter’s email builder, you are viewing the web-based version. Once published, the email design may display differently across various email clients.

Are you looking for help with specific issues affecting how your email design renders across different email clients? If you are interested in modifying your email design based on the scenarios listed below, please contact your Lime Project Manager. These design issues require troubleshooting with HTML/CSS.

  • Depending on your end-user’s Outlook product, horizontal white lines can appear in emails. This effect increases when an end-recipient is using dark mode. A consultant can work with your HTML/CSS to minimize the appearance of this Outlook bug. 
  • Dark mode.  
  • In some email clients, rounded corners on buttons may become square.
  • Non-web safe fonts might not visually display as expected in some email clients.
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