How do I use and customize social media cards?

What are Social Media Cards? 

Social media cards allow you to customize the way the link to your newsletter/email will display on social media. This means that if you or a subscriber shares the web-based version of your newsletter, you have control over what image, title, and descriptive text appears in the link preview. Social media cards allow you to have more control over your brand and garner more clicks to your email content!  



The image above is an example of a link preview that has been customized in Lime Marketing.


How to customize Social Media Cards in Lime Marketing? 



The settings for social media cards are found under Design in the editor (Social media card settings). You have the option to customize the title, image, alt-text, and description that will render on social media. You may preview the social media card for your newsletter/email on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 


Page title: A page title is the first bold text that appears in the link preview. It should be used to clearly describe what the content behind the link is! 

Image: You can select any image. The image you select does not have to be in your email, it can be uploaded especially for being used in the link preview. This means you can create custom images to appear only on social media. 

Alt text: Describe the appearance of your image. Alt text is used in HTML to understand the content. 

Description: The description gives you control over the explanatory text that appears under the title. It's a great opportunity to provide quick details about what a viewer can expect if they click the link.  The description should contain at least 100 characters. 


The social media card settings use Open Graph protocol, which allows you to insert HTML tags in your email content. Open Graph is shortened as "og", which is why the tags you can customize are labeled with "og". For example, "og:title" steers the Page Title that you can choose to display on the preview of your link and "og:image" is the image that you can display on social media. 




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