Klarna Checkout field

Before you can start using the Klarna Checkout field there are two requirements:


1. Requires that you have Lime CRM web client.

2. Requires that you have an account for Klarna.


The field displays a custom component in the form, that allows users to select and add products that they want to purchase. All products displayed in the custom component are loaded from Lime CRM.


When you have chosen to include a Klarna Checkout field in your form, there is no longer a submit-button, but it is the payment in Klarna that causes the form to be submitted.


Note that you can only add one Klarna Checkout field per form.


All configurations for the Klarna Checkout custom component is done in Lime Admin, in the web client. When adding the Klarna Checkout field in Lime Forms you can from its settings choose one of several configurations that you have set up. Once you have selected a configuration, you can see the settings set in Lime Admin, but not change them.

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