How do I use the preheader field?

A preheader is preview text that displays under the subject line of an email in a recipients' inbox. In an email, the preheader text is located in the top left corner and is found under "Preheader" in the pane on the right side of the page. The goal of a preheader is to supplement a subject line by adding extra information to motivate a reader to open and engage with your content. Here's how to edit a preheader using the new preheader field.


Start by Adding a Standard Preheader to a Publication

To save time, set a standard preheader for all emails coming from a specific publication in Lime Marketing. Having a standard header reduces the risk of accidentally sending out an email with word "preheader" at the top. To add a standard preheader, take the following steps: 

  • Select your publication,
  • Click "Settings" in the top black toolbar (below),


  • Add desired text in the Preheader field. In order for this text to appear in your future emails automatically, follow the steps in the next section. 


Editing the Field on a Template or Email

  • Your default preheader will automatically appear in your email once you've added the new preheader merge field to your email content (you may override the default preheader anytime by manually changing the preheader text in the preheader field of a specific email). 
  • If you are an Administrator, head over to a template you wish to update. Alternatively, if you're planning on doing a send-out right now, you can click to start a new email in a publication you're working in. 
  • At the top of your email or template, replace your current preheader text. Preheader text is found under the panel "Preheader". Simply delete existing text and click the merge field icon circled in teal below. 


  • In the pop-up list, select the tag that says "Email message: preheader". 
  • Great! Since you've already set up a publication preheader, this merge variable will dynamically update to include that text you've added. Preview your email to test this.
  • Do you want to change the preheader text for this specific email? You can head to the Settings page for the email, and simply add new text in the Preheader text field. Adding new preheader text in the field will override the standard preheader for the publication. 


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