Hur skapar jag formulär för att samla in samtycken? (engelska)

This guide describes how you can use Newsletter to collect new consents from your recipients.

1. Create a Consent recipient property
You need a recipient property to which you store the consent. Create a new recipient property, name it, set the type to Checkbox an add one value. If you want to collect multiple consents create one recipient property for each.


2. Create a consent form

Create a Feedback form. Add your Consent recipient property field to the form. Configure the field to be required and that it shall be updated if the user is known.


3. Create an email

Create a mail where you ask the recipient for a renewed consent. Add a link in the mail to your consent form. Also add information about when you expect to have the renewed consent and what will happen if the recipient doesn’t give you a new consent. Send the mail.

4. Filter recipients based on if they have given consent or not?

Now when you have the consent as a recipient property you can use it as a filter when sending an email. Or you might want to delete the recipients that have not renewed their consent after your renewal period has ended? Then go to the recipient list and add a filter that shows those recipients who have not given you consent. Select these recipients and click delete.



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