Actions in Lime Forms - General Information (eng)

What will happen when a form is filled in and the user clicks on Send we have chosen to call Actions.

For your forms you can choose from four different Actions:

If you, as a customer, want customized Actions for your form, you are more than welcome to contact us with your wishes!

For your forms you can choose to have multiple Actions if needed.

For example, it could be that a confirmation email goes out to the user who completed the form, while at the same time an email is sent to the company customer service alerting them that a user just completed the form.

Automating predictable processes

If you can identify predictable processes that forces the user to take unnecessary detours through customer service before ending up in your internal systems, there are a lot of time and energy to be saved if you can make theses processes digitally with smart integrated forms.

This is made possible through the Action Create a Lime Case“, which lets users handle errands through forms placed on your website writing data directly to your Lime CRM, signed and ready with BankID and receipt.


Putting a Webhook as Action on your form means that when someone completes the form, a POST call will be made to the specified URL with the form’s data sent as JSON.

In other words, webhooks are a useful way to get data sent to an external system in near real time. Thus, with webhooks you can build integrations with other systems to get even more functionality via your forms.

The call will be server-side, if you want to secure your endpoint, it is possible to enter a key which will then be sent with the call under the name simpliform_auth and can then be validated on the receiving side.

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