Management of BankID signatures and receipts (eng)

There are several ways to manage BankID signatures and receipts in your forms.

You find the activation and settings for BankID at the bottom of each form, as shown above.

Which field in this form will contain the users personal number?

We recommend you to set this setting to the field containing the value with the personal number. This makes for a more user-friendly and secure form.You can leave it for the users themselves to fill this when signing, but selecting a specific field will retrieve and lock the signing to the personal number provided by the user in the form.

Get field values for Text to sign


If you have named your fields when creating them, you can call for that field and get the value entered there by adding it from the drop down list ‘Get field value‘ containing all available fields. You find the drop down in the box ‘Text to sign’ in the settings for BankID.

Learn more about BankID and the Text to sign in this post: Create dynamic texts for BankID signings

A link to the BankID receipt is saved in the forms submission (if you have set Storage/GDPR for your form to store submissions in the database as the example above).

Data to generate a link to the receipt via internal system is also included in the JSON data that you can post to internal API calls. Click the Show submission as JSON button in the bottom of the page to view the data.

See the BankID parameters in the image below.

Submission signed with BankID shown as JSON-data

Include a link to the BankID transaction receipt in the action Custom email message

Finally, you also have the opportunity to attach a receipt link in the two email responses that can be sent as Actions when submitting the form. See image below.

Clicking the box ‘Include a link to the BankID transaction receipt’ when having Send an email notification or Send a custom email message set as Action for the form.
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