Activate Electronic signature via BankID (eng)

For each form, it is possible to activate Electronic signatures via BankID as a final step when the form is submitted. This is activated by checking the box “Require this form to be signed using BankID” located at the bottom left of the Settings tab.

Choose your certificate and select Which field in this form will contain the users personal number? You can leave it for the user to fill this when signing, but it is not recommended.


If you have named your fields when creating them, you can call for that field and get the value entered there by adding it from the drop down list ‘Get field value‘ containing all available fields. You find the drop down in the box ‘Text to sign’ in the Settings for BankID.

Missing BankID for your Lime Forms?

If you can not see the alternative for Electronic signature via BankID for your forms, it is because you lack a BankID module license. Contact support@lime.tech for more information about BankID cloud service and BankID certificates, or read more at www.janjoo.se/bankid

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