How do I get the form on our own website? (eng)

Embedding a form on your own website is easy!

Navigate to the form you want to embed, and scroll to the bottom of Settings.

Script and code snippet to copy and paste into the place on your web where the form should appear

Click </> Embed, too see the short code snippets that you should copy and paste into the place you want the form to be visible on your web.

The first code snippet for the JavaScript is preferably pasted between the <head>-tags on your website.

If you plan on placing multiple forms the same page, you only need to put the JavaScript snippet once in the <head>-tag.

This code needs to run only once. Try to put it in a master template that is loaded for all pages, preferably between the <head></head>-tags.

<script src="https://demo.lime-forms.se/js/ce/latest"></script>

This code should be placed where the form should be generated, and are unique for each form.

<simpli-form form-id="YourUniqueFormID"></simpli-form>

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